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Why everyone in the world is raving about Sulphur Springs St Lucia!

Sulphur Springs St Lucia is a volcano that has been visited by some of the most influencial people in the world: Richard Branson, Oprah, and many international singers. A visit to St Lucia is already memorable and enjoyable, but this tour makes a huge difference in how you remember the island.

The Soufrier Volcano (Sulphur Springs) last errupted in the 1700's - over 200 years! It originated from a weak spot in the crust of a collapsed volcanic crater, and is considered to be a dormant volcano - unlike the active Soufrier Hills Volcano in the island of Montserrat. One of the best features of the volcano is the ability to dive into the mud baths.

The mud baths at Sulphur Springs attract people from all over the world because it detoxifies the body and helps heal sun burns, eczema, arthritis, sore joints, and more.

During your tour, you will see boiling mud, steam and water visibly appearing. We'll also take you to the top of volcanic mountain, a tour of this beautiful volcano is not finished without it. This is the smart way to enjoy the Sulphur Springs and be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.

A unique and fun experience!


Duration 4 or 8hrs

Physical Demand Light

Tour type Enjoyable!

Start time Early Pick-up


Free! Private Pickup & Return Service

Free! Water Provided


Coming with our guides will be your best decision. The Sulphur Springs mud bath experience is one that you will hear many of the locals talk about. Specifically they mention that after taking the mud bath you will look 12 years younger! Generally, they are not lying! The baths do have many minerals and are well-known for making skin smooth and tight. They are also known for healing sun burns, eczema, arthritis, sore joints, and more. Our tour guides are locals as well and they know the area very well, so they are the ones who can ensure that you will have the best experience once you arrive.

It is highly recommended that you wear a dark bathing suite and bring sunscreen to help protect your skin. A camera is also highly recommended, because you want to capture those really funny moments that you'll have once you get the mud all over yourself!

You'll have an amazing time!

Our guides will help you make sure that you can capture the moment while you are at the Sulphur Springs, and even while you see different areas of the volcano - don't be shy to ask us, we're here to help!

Let's Wash Off at the Waterfalls!

After you're finished in the mud bath, we will take you to another location for a refreshing natural rainforest bath. The goal is to get you all freshened up and view this breathtaking waterfall. The waterfall itself gushes 50 feet - 15m tall - over a cliff side and cascades into a pool at the centre of a charmingly landscaped garden. On days when the force of the waterfall is not very strong, you can enjoy an invigorating back and shoulder massage. A superior experience!

There are different areas around the waterfall to take photographs, a great memory for later. There are normally some local vendors that sell soaps and souveniers in front of the waterfall entrance - so feel free to bring some money as well to purchase a gift for friends or relatives back home. You will find that the water is not very cold, and has a very fresh feeling to it. The surrounding feels majestic and this type of experience in St Lucia is unlike any other experience in the world. Our goal is to help you relax on this trip and enjoy the amazing surroundings and refresh your skin. You will love the Caribbean waters.

The Overall Experience Will Be Fantastic!

This warm and therapeutic experience is certainly one of the best and most unique experiences of St Lucia.

It is common for everyone to say that you will leave Sulphur Springs St Lucia looking 12 years younger! It is great for the skin, and has many therapeutic qualties to help make your skin feel tight and very smooth. Follow our many traveler reviews.


Charkar and her driver Rodney were simply brilliant. Prompt, friendly, considerate and fun. Nothing was too much trouble and we stopped and a number of places on our travels eg a local church. Family photo's were taken by Charkar. I suffer from motion sickness and Rodney's driving was great. Charkar's knowledge and passion for her island were 2nd to none and even my 6 year old listened and learnt about the beautiful island and Charkar never ran out of patience for some of the questions he asked.

Very much admired Charkar's commitment and dedication and it was also a pleasure to meet her brother who water taxied us from sugar beach to Soufriere via the bat cave with consideration to my husband who does not normally do boats!! Cost was a fraction of the price of the resort offered trips and would have paid twice the price for the memories.

Do not hesitate to book with Charkar!!!!

Janet, Nottingham

Our Sulphur Springs St Lucia tour was fantastic!! What a great tour guide! We definitely could've gone without the sulphur smell :), but the experience was great, tour guide was phenomenal and we had a really nice experience. The only thing was that the water was really hot when we went.... I couldn't stay in the water for too long, so it made my experience a little rough. Highly recommend a DARK bathing suite!!! Hi to Charkar from us!

Thanks again,
Janis & Albert

Wow! What an experience. If I had a 6 stars, I would definitely give it a 6. We took so many photos and it was probably the highlight of the trip. It was relaxing and made my skin feel so smooth and clean. We laughed A LOT and showering in the waterfall was simply remarkable! Thanks a lot for such a great tour.

Thanks again!
Timms & Angelika, NY>

I booked this tour before arriving at St. Lucia. Chakra is the best!! She emails and answers all your questions immediately! There were 4 of us in our party, 2 adults 2 teenage boys. We started out at the volcano where we took a mud bath and Chakra got us our own bucket of white mud that we put all over us. We went into a river that was 107 degrees to get the mud off us.

Afterwards we went on a water taxi and drove up the coast a little admiring all the beautiful views on our way to snorkeling. Next we stopped at a waterfall that was so refreshing, then drove to a restaurant to have lunch. Lunch was delicious. It was so fresh and really yummy. After lunch we went to visit the plantations to see how people lived hundreds of years ago, and to see how chocolate is made.

There were such nice views as well and so much greenery and plush flowers. After the tour Chakra even made the driver stop at a store to get more plantain chips which my boys devoured the 2 bags she gave them. She was so informative and knowledgable, so sweet and did such a great job showing us St. Lucia. I would highly recommend her. She made our trip!